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Mapping Your Industry

Our GIS mapping software offers data support for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, well abandonment, land remediation, and environmental management. Our versatile data library can be customized to meet the specific needs of each sector, providing critical insights for informed decision-making and success in these diverse fields.

Oil & Gas

Cartofact’s depth of knowledge in the Oil & Gas sector is extensive providing key insights across Canada and the United States covering upstream, midstream and downstream, surface and subsurface.

Supply Industry

Whether you’re working on the surface or subsurface, chasing permits, rigs, drilling, fractures and completions, whether you are drilling, completing, engineering, planning, decommissioning, abandoning, reclaiming lands – Cartofact is the best tool for the job.

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Cartofact Systems Supply Industry / Formation Production / Lithofacies / Licensee / Horizontal
Supply Industry / Formation Production / Lithofacies / Licensee / Horizontal

Power Generation

Cartofact’s mapping of power generation, transmission and distribution systems gives professionals key data pertaining to:

  • Project origination and planning
  • Site selection
  • Due diligence
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Regulatory

With Cartofact you can import your project CAD files, shape files, site study data and access county maps, and relevant layers like pipelines, wells, facilities, and more.

Put Cartofact to work for you!

Cartofact Power Transmission / Rivers & Lakes / Gas Plants / Cities
Power Transmission / Rivers & Lakes / Gas Plants / Cities

Environmental Management

Access the most abundant multi-jurisdictional key environmental data layers including:

  • Aquifers
  • Drainage basins
  • Soil composition
  • Surficial geology
  • Wetlands
  • Hydrology
  • Wildlife sensitive areas
  • Facility level GHG emissions
  • Global flaring indicators
  • Forest fires

Access dozens of satellite base maps including historical imagery, county maps, stakeholders and communities and generate reports.

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Tap into Millions of Well Documents

Choose Cartofact for Your Next Data and Mapping Project

Well Data
Well Log
Directional Surveys
Site Surveys
Fluid Analysis
Production Injection Data
Facilities and Pipelines
Pools, Fields, Schemes, Units
Surface and Mineral Ownership
Road and Rail
Aboriginal Lands and Treaties
Power Lines and Plants

Rural Addresses

Working Interest
Wildlife Area
Drainage Basins
Surficial Geology

Custom Maps Made Easy

Cartofact custom map making tools

Advanced Mapmaking

Effortlessly import and export data, utilize drawing and measurement tools, share and export maps and perform advanced mapping and data analysis. Create professional map exports in PDF, PNG and GEOTIFF. Import shapefile, CSV, KML/KMZ, and GeoJSON layers that can be saved, customized and shared. Integrate proprietary data including mineral land and surface lease layers, geo-contours, project drawings in AutoCAD, and real-time SCADA data and more. Create data-driven interval, heat and bubble maps. Elevate your data and unleash its full potential with us.
  • Custom map styling
  • Heat Maps, Bubble Maps and more
  • Place markers
  • Choose from thousands of colour and customizable pins
  • Draw shapes such as free hand, lines and polygons
  • Line smoothing
  • Map annotations
  • Measurement and ruler tools
  • Waypoints
  • Import SHP, CSV, KML/KMZ, GeoJSON
  • Export in PDF, GEOTIFF
  • Map projection handling
  • Wide format maps for plotters
  • Custom mapping services
Temporal basemap spanning 6 or 12 years
Temporal Base Maps Spanning 20 years

Dynamic Insights from 50 Base Maps

Explore our extensive array of 50 base maps designed to help you visualize data according to your preferences. Engage in side-by-side comparisons with our temporal maps, spanning either 6 or 12 years. 

  • OpenStreetMap
  • Satellite
  • Streets
  • Topographic
  • Planet base maps from 2006 to 2022
  • View temporal maps side-by-side
  • DLS / NTS Grid 
  • ENSERVA / PSAC Area Maps
  • County Land Ownership Maps
  • Power Line Maps

Easily Explore and Share Data

Export datasets in CSV, XLS SHP, GeoJSON, WKT, Well and Land Tickets in PDF, production data exports, attachment export and viewing.


A robust enterprise-level data portal for accessing both government and company proprietary data.

One Search

Cartofact's proprietary One Search allows users to search by anything.

Advanced Queries

Cartofact's data-agnostic filtering system is unrivaled- allowing users to expertly comb and sift through massive datasets while receiving valuable statistics and analysis tools.


Effortlessly access well production and facility throughput charts in Cartofact. Build custom charts for single or multiple wells including in aggregate, normalized or averaged. Perform decline analysis one a single well or a group of wells.

Screenshot of User Friendly Interface

Empower Your Business With The Industry’s Most Rigorous, Integrated And Advanced GIS Mapping System

Always Up-To-Date

Data is updated daily, weekly and monthly for real-time analysis and smarter decision-making. Access datasets across Canada, the United States and Internationally with one of the best tools in the business.

Unlimited Users

Enjoy unlimited users at one clear price, allowing team expansion without added costs. With Cartofact, there are no barriers to unlocking your team’s full potential.

All the Data, One Price

Once you make the choice to subscribe, all our datasets are here for you and all your team members, at a lower cost. Unlock the full potential of Cartofact to help shape and grow your business.