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From The office to the field,
Cartofact is your go-to solution

Cartofact Proudly Supports the Following Industries Across Canada, US and Internationally

Well Workover, Intervention and Abandonment Industry

Facility and Pipeline Engineering

Drilling & Completion Engineering

Hydraulic Fracturing Industry

Wireline, Coil, Service and Drilling Rig Industries

Geology and Geophysical Consultants

Land Companies

Waste and Disposal Industry

Water Treatment

Power Generation & Independent Power Producers

Environmental Companies

Casing Supply Industry

Sleeve, Perforation and Completion Technology Industry

Downhole Tool Technologies

  Optimization, Technology and Software Companies

 Methane Reduction Technologies

Local Stakeholder Engagement and Public Relations

Oil Sand Mining and SAGD

Investment and Banking Firms

Chemical and Acid Supply Industry

Offset Fracture Monitoring

Enhanced Oil Recovery, Carbon Sequestering and Salt Caverns

Bitcoin Mining

Cartofact's GIS Mapping Solutions

What Cartofact Offers

Market Intelligence

Efficiently access industry data and market insights across Canada and the US, including defining markets, assessing size and share, and strategizing based on data analysis. Plus, expand into new markets and regions, and plan and execute your business strategies seamlessly.

Project Lifecycle and Offset Analysis

Explore offset analysis and comprehensive project lifecycle support, covering origination, site selection, due diligence, development, and operations.

Well Data and Industry Reports

Gain access to an extensive array of data, from bulk raster and digital well logs to fluid analysis, well tests, and completion reports. Additionally, access industry-leading reports on rig operations, hydraulic fractures, and new well licenses.

Data Management

Filter, import, and export data and maps seamlessly within our platform, streamlining your workflow and enhancing collaboration. 

Community Engagement

Engage and collaborate with local communities, including Aboriginal, Hutterite, and rural residents, fostering meaningful partnerships and inclusive approaches to project development.

Environmental Data

Access key environmental datasets covering wetlands, sensitive wildlife areas, drainage, hydrology, and more. These comprehensive resources provide valuable insights for environmental analysis and planning initiatives.